Olive Persimmon II - Second Virginity



Olive Persimmon is the author of Unintentionally Celibate and is working on her second book about the end of her celibacy. She's been on some crazy adventures in trying to rediscover her sexuality. But we didn't end up talking about that. The night prior to recording this, a very relevant event occurred that was much more pertinent. 


Unintentionally Celibate

Mike Zaytsev, An Entrepreneur's Guide to Cannabis

Visit HiMikeZ.com

Visit HiMikeZ.com

Available in Paperback and on Kindle

Available in Paperback and on Kindle

Michael Zaytsev is the author of The Entrepreneur's Guide to Cannabis, a must-read for someone trying to get in on the Green Rush. He is also a business coach, speaker, and organizer of High NY, a Meetup for the cannabusiness.


The Entrepreneur's Guide to Cannabis (Amazon)

HighNY's next event in NYC

Myke Murder & Collin Stanley: The Mysticism of Art

Two Detroit musicians, Myke Murder & Collin Stanley, hop on Questions For People to talk about the magick with a 'k', art, technology, and pie. Recorded in public at Astor Bake Shop.

Setting up impromptu studio at Astor Bake Shop.

Setting up impromptu studio at Astor Bake Shop.

Myke Murder is a musician, filmmaker, and clothing designer from Detroit who I was able to catch while in NYC to record his next album. Collin Stanley is a musician and sound engineer currently performing with DD White.

Harrison Schultz: An Activist on Anarchy

"A lot people are afraid of the abyss. They say 'When you stare at the abyss, the abyss looks back.'"

Harrison Schultz is an activist and sociologist. He's the founder of Occupy Weed Street, Occupy the Need, and was an unofficial spokesperson for Occupy Wall Street. He is also a PhD candidate for the New School.

Harrison is one of the most unique minds and well-read individuals I have had the pleasure of meeting. He and I speak about the philosophy of activism, cannabis, Marxism, and the sociology of anarchy. 

@harrisontesoura on Twitter

If you're in the NYC area and like 420 and/or martial arts, check out his 420 Fight Club.

Matthew Silver, Sacred Clown

"You are here to experience other people."

Matthew Silver, The Great Entertainer is a performance artist based in New York City. We speak about how he employs the fool archetype to affect the consciousness of his audience.

This interview was done shortly after his "Noodling" performance where he broke barrier by performing nude with a troupe of artists in Soho.

Noodling event on his website and Bowery Boogie.





Carolyn Elliott, Witch (and writer, teacher, and founder of Witch Magazine)



Carolyn Elliott is the founder of Witch Magazine. She is a writer and teacher of various courses including those on writing, money, and manifestation. We speak about magic (and "magic"), and the Art of Having.

Witch Magazine, (formerly BadWitch.es) of which I am a contributor. 

Thrill, her online presence class.

Blake Eastman, founder of NonVerbal Group, School of Cards



Blake Eastman is the founder of Nonverbal Group and School of Cards. He is a professional poker player who invested much of his earnings to develop a school that both teaches nonverbal skills and contributes the academic understanding of nonverbal communication.

He has excellent poker classes at School of Cards, and nonverbal classes and media at Nonverbal Group.

Alexander Heyne, Modern Health Monk



Alexander Heyne is the founder of Modern Health monk. He has been operating an awesome online resource for practical healing. He also will be studying Chinese medicine to get his OMD. We speak about reconciling "far out" modalities with logical thought amongst many other fun facts.

His new book, Master the Day is now out on paperback and Kindle.

Check out ModernHealthMonk.com for useful and entertaining advice on health and peak performance.

Moushumi Ghose, Sex Therapist & Rock Musician



Moushumi Ghose is a sex therapist turned rock musician. She also hosts The Sex Talk Series and created the documentary Temples and Brothels and is publishing a sex positions coffee book by Quiver Books.

  • Sex positivity vs. sex addiction models of sex therapy
  • "Mainstream sex" and pathologized desire
  • The "crowd of cunts" (it's a song, but it's also thing you may relate to.)
  • "Limbic resonance" from The General Theory of Love
  • How (and possibly why) sex educators tend to seem weird

Other resources mentioned:

  • Presto
  • Everbliss - they just launched last week. Check them out. (I'm on there on Tuesdays :)


Mark "Chirp" Herm, WSOP Pro Poker Player & Coach

Top 10 in the world in online poker Chirp Herm joins.

We ended up speaking about subjects I haven't had the balls to speak about in a long time, namely the esoteric sexual training which was my major education in my twenties.

We hit a very wide range on the low brow-high brow scale. If you are easily offended this is not an episode for you. We cover:

  • The Zen of being a single dad
  • The energy body vs. physical body
  • Cold therapy
  • Sensory deprivation tanks and non-substance highs
  • Orgasm Meditation
  • Sex and spirituality
  • Other paranormal shit like telepathy and mind-control
  • Pickup/meeting women and the soul.
  • Contagious emotional states: when they are good and when they are bad.
  • The psyche and looking like a bitch.
  • The "cure" to awkwardness
  • Language and social dominance/mind control/brainwashing

Resources we mention:

Chirp's glossary of terms:

  • Withered - weak, usually in an emotional context
  • Peaks - being awesome/on an upswing
  • Scrummage/Skrillage - doing awesome
  • Shower - rejecting or dismissing someone/something
  • OI - short for "over it"

@dipthrong on the Tweeter

The Chirp Herm Show

Stay tuned for what we cook on on Periscope.

Collin Stanley, Artist in the Big City

Collin Stanley Music

Collin Stanley Music

Collin is a guitarist with an arts management background. He and I met at a bar. He just moved to NYC. He's really cool. He also had interesting thoughts on making it in a creative profession.

In this episode we speak about:

  • Sanity as an artist
  • The factors that play into success other than raw talent
  • Building relationships
  • My conception



Kenneth Play, Sex Hacker

“When we place a normality on whats good and bad we give people more reasons to judge themselves. As a sex educator, I really want there to be less normality for people to feel shitty about themselves. Whatever feels good to you is good.”


Kenneth Play is a sex educator, fitness expert, and organizer of play parties and intentional community. In this episode we speak about:

  • Fit shaming and body image

  • Motivation and why superhero fans don't look like superheroes

  • Minimal effort for maximum result in sex, fitness, and life.

  • Sustainable skill development

  • Casual sex.





Lelo wand from Sexcusemoi (amongst other products)

Mari Miyoshi, Brain Integration Coach

Brain Gym (educational kinesiology)


Resources we mention:

  1. "My Stroke of Insight" Book and TED Talk 
  2. Sandra Thuret's TED Talk on growing new neurons as an adult.
  3. How a Polar Bear neutralizes trauma video by Peter Levine (I mistakenly call him Peter Lynch in the interview.)
  4. The PACE Steps:
From BrainGym, courtesy of Mari Miyoshi. Click for the whole pdf.

From BrainGym, courtesy of Mari Miyoshi. Click for the whole pdf.

Mari Miyoshi is a Brain Integration Coach, trained in BrainGym (Education Kinesiology: The study of how movement affects learning).

Before we started recording, Mari took me through a brief set of movements to "prepare my brain to receive information." I was having a very stressful week prior to our conversation and her teaching helped reset me and have me focus a lot better.

We cover enough information to write a college paper, so here's just a few of the fun things we discuss:

  • Why how much you crawled as a kid affects your cognitive abilities as an adult.
  • Movement for better learning ability, memory retention, mood, and brain functioning.
  • Top-down vs. Bottom-up behavior change.
  • How movement can disable Fight or flight.
  • Why some people need white noise to concentrate, and why kids open their mouths when they cut paper.
  • The beginner's mind vs. novel experiences.
  • How practices like yoga and tai chi stimulate healthy neural patterns.
  • Preventing sensory overload.
  • Balance development and relationship to gravity.
  • How viewing computer screens too much may ruin your sense of balance.
  • What the dexterity of your hands says about your brain development. 
  • Emotional habits as a choice. 
  • How most of what you "see" is based on your past experiences.
  • Left brain/right brain dominance.
  • Ultramarathons.
  • Myelination.
  • Italian people.