Brian Begin & David Stultz, Becoming Fearless

Brian Begin and David Stultz are the founders of The Fearless Man, a company that trains men around the world to become live courageously and create high impact results in their lives.

This is another replay from the Masculine Underground last June. We do start speaking from a heteronormative male perspective, but this is more than just talking about women. 

We speak about:

  • Women as a metaphor for life
  • The Gross vs the Subtle in terms of "being"
  • What magnetism really is
  • Embracing tension
  • Shifting from intellectual understanding to practical ability
  • How your family upbringing affects your expectations in relationships
  • Using body awareness to learn how to connect with people more
  • Overcoming infamous "Victim Mentality"
  • Mindsets that create your reality
  • Techniques for rewiring automated fear responses
  • Preventing self-sabotage once your reach the end of your comfort zone
  • The virtues of Fight Club :)

Men, if you want to learn how be like them with women, I recommend getting the Fearless Ebook.