Lawrence Lanoff, Tantra Master

Lawrence Lanoff is a Tantra Master. He coaches people to unleash their own life skills of their own enlightenment. 

This interview was originally recorded for a men's program. Lawrence will return to Questions For People live in 2016. Stay tuned. If you'd like to ask him your own questions, join the QFP Patreon page.

In this interview we speak about:

  • What is Tantra? Traditional vs. Neotantra
  • Shame and cultural programming around sex
  • Breaking the monotony of thinking: Thinking loops, etc.
  • How sex can break static thinking
  • Moving beyond "Jackhammer/Sneeze" sex
  • Learning to touch 
  • A technique to achieve the "Global Awareness" mental state (follow along with the exercise during the podcast)
  • Where spirituality and practicality meet and when they don't
  • Accessing sexual energy when you're not having much sex
  • Masturbation
  • Logic vs. Intuition
  • Sex and Enlightenment

Lawrence's at home program to develop sexual charisma: TantraX