Mari Miyoshi, Brain Integration Coach

Brain Gym (educational kinesiology)

Resources we mention:

  1. "My Stroke of Insight" Book and TED Talk 
  2. Sandra Thuret's TED Talk on growing new neurons as an adult.
  3. How a Polar Bear neutralizes trauma video by Peter Levine (I mistakenly call him Peter Lynch in the interview.)
  4. The PACE Steps:
From BrainGym, courtesy of Mari Miyoshi. Click for the whole pdf.

From BrainGym, courtesy of Mari Miyoshi. Click for the whole pdf.

Mari Miyoshi is a Brain Integration Coach, trained in BrainGym (Education Kinesiology: The study of how movement affects learning).

Before we started recording, Mari took me through a brief set of movements to "prepare my brain to receive information." I was having a very stressful week prior to our conversation and her teaching helped reset me and have me focus a lot better.

We cover enough information to write a college paper, so here's just a few of the fun things we discuss:

  • Why how much you crawled as a kid affects your cognitive abilities as an adult.
  • Movement for better learning ability, memory retention, mood, and brain functioning.
  • Top-down vs. Bottom-up behavior change.
  • How movement can disable Fight or flight.
  • Why some people need white noise to concentrate, and why kids open their mouths when they cut paper.
  • The beginner's mind vs. novel experiences.
  • How practices like yoga and tai chi stimulate healthy neural patterns.
  • Preventing sensory overload.
  • Balance development and relationship to gravity.
  • How viewing computer screens too much may ruin your sense of balance.
  • What the dexterity of your hands says about your brain development. 
  • Emotional habits as a choice. 
  • How most of what you "see" is based on your past experiences.
  • Left brain/right brain dominance.
  • Ultramarathons.
  • Myelination.
  • Italian people.