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We ended up speaking about subjects I haven't had the balls to speak about in a long time, namely the esoteric sexual training which was my major education in my twenties.

We hit a very wide range on the low brow-high brow scale. If you are easily offended this is not an episode for you. We cover:

  • The Zen of being a single dad
  • The energy body vs. physical body
  • Cold therapy
  • Sensory deprivation tanks and non-substance highs
  • Orgasm Meditation
  • Sex and spirituality
  • Other paranormal shit like telepathy and mind-control
  • Pickup/meeting women and the soul.
  • Contagious emotional states: when they are good and when they are bad.
  • The psyche and looking like a bitch.
  • The "cure" to awkwardness
  • Language and social dominance/mind control/brainwashing

Resources we mention:

Chirp's glossary of terms:

  • Withered - weak, usually in an emotional context
  • Peaks - being awesome/on an upswing
  • Scrummage/Skrillage - doing awesome
  • Shower - rejecting or dismissing someone/something
  • OI - short for "over it"

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