Women as a Practice with Glenn P.

Glenn Pearce, known as "Glenn P." in the seduction community has been a force in the dating world for the last decade. He joins us here to speak on:

Why Pickup was created as an antidote to how men in our society have been mis-educated around interacting with women, and groomed to be powerless.
Misunderstandings around Pickup, debunking myths around "manipulation."

The deal with "canned material," its purpose in a man's education, and how you can't script an entire interaction.

A "glimpse of female psychology."

His process in entering relationships.

"The dynamic between you and others; not the words, but what's being sub-communicated."

How the study of women enhances every aspect of a man's life: 

How interacting with women allow "all of your issues to bubble to the surface."