025 Anders Wallace: Masculine Subcultures

Anders Wallace is a sociologist studying the subculture of men looking to develop themselves by relating to women. He did a multi-year study of the "PUA" communities and others. I was one of his case studies during his research.

In this episode, Anders and I discuss his findings in masculinity, male self-esteem, and the vices and virtues within the pursuit of becoming "attractive."

021 Gavin Robert McGowen: Dry Fasting & Interstellar Blends



Gavin Robert McGowen is the founder of Interstellar Blend, herbal blends for vitality. This is part 1 of 2. We talk dry fasting (no food or water) and vitality-boosting herbs.

I've been on his 22/2 fasting protocol + herbs for the last month.

He offered the code RUWANDO for 10% off if you want to try Interstellar Blend for yourself.