If you’ve experienced anxiety, then you already know that it can cause an inability to socialize, poor performance, and day-to-day distress.

But you should also know that anxiety is, and never was, your real problem…

Anxiety is a just a warning sign that something is blocked that’s preventing your gifts, your genius, and your abundant reality from being expressed.

See, your experience of every part of life exists on a continuum…

On one end is Anxiety, Contraction, and Scarcity…
On the other end is Trust, Expansion, and Abundance…



An anxious reality is not an abundant reality. And an abundant reality doesn’t have you feel anxious.

What you feel inside your mind ultimately reflects on the outside in your reality.

But your mind isn’t just one thing…

According to Dr. Timothy Leary, there are 8 Circuits of Consciousness.

The first 4 (or “Lower Circuits”) determine most of your feelings, reactions, perceptions, and behavior.

They each develop at a different stage of life with a different “survival goal”:

Circuit 1: Bio-Survival – develops in infancy – determines your sense of primal safety versus fear/anxiety.

Circuit 2: Territorial Mammalian – develops as a toddler – determines your feelings of control versus submission to others.

Circuit 3: Semantic – develops ages 2-7 – determines your grasp of ideas/ trusting your perceptions of the world.

Circuit 4: Socio-sexual – develops through puberty – determines your perceived social status, sense of adequacy versus shame.

If you’re like most people, your experience of reality has largely been conditioned into you via these first 4 circuits.

Even as a grown adult, if you ever have wondered, “Why do I keep doing _____ even when I don’t mean to?” then you are likely running on old conditioning.

(i.e. unhealthy Circuit 1 conditioning can lead to always feeling anxious and unsafe even when there’s no reason to…
unhealthy Circuit 2 conditioning can lead to always feeling inferior…)

But the good news is that, as a conscious adult with a desire to change, you can re-condition yourself— if you just know what to do and look for.

In the Reality Upgrade, you will learn exactly hot to “flip the switch” on each circuit.


It’s an 8 part series that will show you principles and exercises that have helped me and hundreds of my students overcome social anxiety, inferiority complexes, and the scarcity mindset.

You can eradicate anxiety and the the other forms of “Lower Circuit” contraction to create a truly abundant reality.

Not only that… you will also learn how to tap into the Higher 4 Circuits:

Circuit 5: Neurosomatic – bliss, self-healing, and genuine connection with others.


“I’ve always lived a life of a follower and not someone who typically takes action to create the life that I want.
Ruwan has guided me to take steps to accomplishing my life goals, create the life that I want and let go of the mental baggage that I’ve been carrying around. I was always tired or living in a constant state of low energy. Ruwan’s insight showed me ways to live an abundant and energetic life, and how my energy can impact others in a positive way.”


Savannah, GA

Circuit 6: Neuroelectric – unbridled creativity, “manifestation”, and “magic” (the ability to make things happen beyond usual expectations.)

Circuit 7: Neurogenetic – Tapping into pre-conscious intuition.

Circuit 8: Neuroatomic – Understanding the “true” nature reality.

Most people never experience more than a glimpse of these higher circuits because they are so trapped by lower circuit conditioning.

The Reality Upgrade will take you through a progression from Circuit 1 to Circuit 8. You will get a daily lesson for each circuit with a straightforward exercise to do that day.

In a little over a week from now you can have a totally different experience of reality.

It’s time to stop getting in your own way.

I want to make this course widely available so it’s only $29 $19 if you join now.

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